Without AlloyGator, you too can make your involuntary donation to the wheel repair industry.

The high cost of downtown parking has nothing to do with the meter rates.

Taking a limo would have been cheaper.

If curbs could talk, they’d say you need AlloyGator.

With AlloyGator, you won’t say “I wish I had it yesterday!”

There’s parallel parking, then there’s parallel parking in a hurry!

Avoid Expensive Curb Damage with AlloyGator.

AlloyGator is the only certified, engineered and professionally installed product that actually protects your wheels from expensive curb damage.

Engineered with teeth.

Maximum protection with strong grip that holds firm when your wheel makes contact with a concrete curb.

How AlloyGator Protects your wheels

See how your wheels can get damaged, and how AlloyGator protects them.

Protect your wheels from curb damage.



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