AlloyGator is a highly engineered product that is far more than a cosmetic vehicle accessory.

AlloyGator is the original, and still the only, industry-certified wheel protection solution in the world.

While AlloyGator is available in 14 attractive colours, is it much more than a cosmetic trim.  AlloyGator is made from a semi-rigid, highly engineered, super-tough nylon composite material combined with inner stainless-steel teeth that grip the product in place, helping it to hold firm against the jarring physical forces that come into play when your wheel makes contact with a concrete curb.  AlloyGator wheel protection can even cover up a lot of the pre-existing damage on your wheels.

In addition to protecting your wheels from low-speed parking rashes, AlloyGator also inhibits damage incurred at normal driving speeds, such as curb rash caused by skimming around a tight corner. This is why AlloyGator is the only wheel protection product that is certified by TUV and HORIBA-MIRA, recognized global standards within the automobile industry.

AlloyGator is not a stick-on product.

Because of its sophisticated engineering, exacting fit and glueless adhesion, AlloyGator is the choice of automotive professionals. This is why we partner with retailers in the automotive industry, such as tire repair shops, automotive dealers, and detailers and accessory retailers. Click to find an installer.


We help our partners and customers keep vehicles looking great with effective wheel protection against curb rash.

Here’s what makes our approach unique:

  • The best product. Our product costs more due to years of engineering, professional installation, and high-quality materials. This best-in-class position is what makes offering AlloyGator worthwhile; we intend to continue to lead the industry, even if our prices need to be higher to do so.
  • Professional installation only. Installers are part of our engineering process. We want professionals who truly understand wheel and tires, and who have real shop tools, to back the installation of the product. This is why our product is the only wheel protector rim that is TUV certified and HORIBA-MIRA recognized.
  • Realistic expectations. We can’t guarantee your wheels from all damage, but we can tell you that AlloyGator will take care of the regular damage from typical curb impact, and save you thousands in wheel repairs.
  • Engineering our installers’ success. AlloyGator’s engineering is second to none, but even a great product requires support. We offer our partner-installers training and business support to ensure a peak customer experience. If you don’t get a positive experience from one of our retail partners, please contact us!


“Oh Blimey, not another scratched wheel!”

Yes, AlloyGator was conceived and engineered in the United Kingdom. The story begins with a young gentleman who experienced chronic wheel scratching in the cramped streets and tight corners of old London. After looking high and low for a product that would protect his wheels and finding nothing, he enlisted his father, an engineer and toolmaker, to engineer a new solution. While working through the concept together and ruining many wheels, the son-father team developed prototypes and approached MIRA, the Motor Industry Research Association, to rigorously test and certify the product.

Launching in 2010, the product was patented and branded as AlloyGator, owing to its ingenious use of inner stainless steel “teeth” to grip between the alloy wheel and tire. Soon after, a range of colours were offered, giving AlloyGator its unique appeal. Today, many competitors have come along that look similar, or attempt to clone the design, but most are peel-and-stick products with only cosmetic value. AlloyGator is still the only product that is TUV and HORIBA MIRA certified by the global automotive industry installed by professionals, and actually does the job of protecting wheels against curb damage.

AlloyGator Canada is a subsidiary of AlloyGator North America, which holds the North American distribution rights to AlloyGator in the UK. The company launched the product in North America in 2015 and has since built and trained an extensive list of qualified installers throughout the continent. AlloyGator Canada also employs a team of technical and service representatives covering provinces all across the country, all with extensive backgrounds in the automotive industry.