If you own (or are starting) a vehicle sales, service or accessory business, becoming a Certified Trade Partner of AlloyGator is an easy way to improve customer satisfaction while also enhancing your profitability. Why? Because while AlloyGator is an excellent product, it is still quite new to Canada, making it easy to surprise and delight your customers. For example:

  • Do you store off season tires? When customers bring in their tires to be swapped, you can check their condition and recommend AlloyGators be added to those with curb damage. Then you can put them on at your leisure while the tires are being stored.
  • Do you send tires out for repair? This is a great time to notice any wheel damage, and suggest AlloyGators to protect them.
  • Do you sell or lease new vehicles? Also a great opportunity to suggest AlloyGators; they both look great and protect the valuable wheels.
  • Do you sell accessories or aftermarket wheels? Showcase AlloyGator in your store, and suggest it to anyone who really enjoys personalizing their vehicle.
  • Want to give people a reason to come back and see you? If a customer hits a curb hard enough to really damage the AlloyGator, they’ll be back to see you for new one.

Is your Business a Fit?

AlloyGator offers training and support for our professional installer network across North America. We find that our most successful partners usually share these qualities:

  • They possess professional tire maintenance machines and equipment.
  • They have a pre-existing professional business presence online and possibly with bricks/mortar. (Mobile tire swap/installers also make great partners!)
  • They have at least 3 regular staff.
  • They have high online customer reviews.
  • They are not in extremely close in proximity to pre-existing AlloyGator partners.
  • They sell other aftermarket accessories, and understand how to sell and merchandise them.
  • They keep their websites updated and are active on social media.

We will be happy to contact you directly and provide the details of our AlloyGator Partner Program; we are growing and developing many new marketing initiatives to drive traffic to our Trade Partners which can certainly benefit any business. If you are interested in becoming an installer and meet most or all of the above criteria, please submit your request below.