Covering up Curb Rash on your Alloy Wheels

While AlloyGator was designed to prevent curb rash, it is also a clever way to cover existing curb rash, sometimes creatively so!

Check out these images of a beautiful gold Alloy wheel with wheel damage. The left is the original damage; the right has been covered up. The gold AlloyGator wheel guard matches perfectly to the wheel itself.

Before and After Alloygator Wheel Guard Protection

This type of cover up is successful with a few conditions in mind:

  • The wheel is an alloy wheel (AlloyGator wheel protection is designed for use only on alloy wheels, not steel wheels).
  • The wheel’s outer edge, or rim, is the furthest protruding part of the wheel. When this is the case, the damage is mostly limited to the edge of the wheel only.
  • The wheel’s structure has not been bent, warped, or had pieces torn off of it such that the engineering of the wheel is compromised.

Keep in mind that while AlloyGator can be used to cover up existing damage, that damage is still in place underneath. If you buy a vehicle with AlloyGators on it, it may be wise to check beneath them to see if there is wheel damage that might affect the price you offer on the vehicle, as fixing wheel damage can be quite pricey, and even moreso if the wheels are no longer replaceable or have a unique finish, such as chrome. For more information on wheel repair, check out this article we recently published. As we’ve stated before, it is always wise to check with your automotive professional to ensure damaged wheels are safe before continuing to use them.

If the damage is indeed minor, coverup can be done in a few different ways, matching your wheel, tires or paint. While silver, black and graphite are among our most popular colour choices because they are the most common wheel colours, if you have a more unusual colour such as chrome, you can use black or white AlloyGators that camouflage into your tire. That is, since AlloyGators are installed right between the edge of the wheel and tire, they can be blended to match either the wheel colour, or the tire colour. Or for something different, the car owner might enjoy matching the wheel to the paint on the car, and to add a touch of pizzazz to the wheel.

If you visit our SHOP page, and scroll down to the bottom, you’ll find an online visualizer that helps you choose your preferred colour there.

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