Most customers will prefer to have the product installed by an automotive professional, but for those who are mechanically savvy and own some basic tire tools, we’ve included some videos to give you an overview of how it’s done. Please contact us for guidance or training to ensure proper fit. Or click here to find an installer in your area.

AlloyGator is a universal accessory, designed for use on wheels from any manufacturer. While the potential scope of possible wheel/tire combinations in existence worldwide is exceptionally large, AlloyGator is compatible with 80% of global varieties. Our product may not be compatible with certain types of wheels, specifically, stretch tires, wheels with outside weights and steel wheels. For confirmation of fitment, please consult a certified installer or if there is none in your area, please contact us.

The AlloyGator should be cared for the same way as you care for your car, as per the owner’s manual. Properly washing your vehicle once a week is recommended, including washing the wheels and AlloyGators. Do not use wheel acid on the AlloyGator, as the acid will discolour them.

We recommend you regularly clean your wheels and AlloyGator with normal car shampoo or universal wheel cleaners suitable for delicate finishes like chrome. A soft bristle brush can be used to wash the wheels by hand, then rinse with water. This helps reduce build-up of any road grit or grime that could contribute to corrosion of the wheel finish.

Brushless car washes use caustic cleaning solutions that can discolor the AlloyGator. Therefore, AlloyGator recommends only using Soft Brush car wash systems that do not use caustic chemicals that will harm the AlloyGator.

Due to limited control of the application process, AlloyGator does not recommend the use of tire shine. When excessive amounts of tire shine are applied, they may leach into the AlloyGator profile, lubricating it and causing it to walk out. This can also increase the chance of the tire moving on the rim.

The AlloyGator product is made of a super-tough nylon composite, which is flexible enough that it won’t damage your alloy wheels during fitting, but tough enough to provide superior protection.

AlloyGator wheel protection has a 2-year warranty against deformation or color fade.
Exclusions: Inappropriate use, incorrect operation or a fault created through incorrect fitting. (e.g. The warranty does not cover impact damage, hazardous liquid damage, exposure to extreme heat/cold or other damage caused by acts of God or incorrect fitment; or vandalism – damage caused by others. Any impact to the AlloyGator will void the warranty.)

Consistent colour is maintained throughout the material, which means that the colour is fully maintained after damage has been rectified.

Yes, AlloyGator wheel protection is HORIBA-MIRA certified from the European Motor Industry, and has been tested under normal driving conditions within the legal speed limit.

Some wheel/tire combinations do work better than others. View the gallery close-up photos to see examples of what wheel/tire combinations work best. Please contact us if you would like further information on your own wheel and tire combination.

AlloyGators can be used on run-flat tires. View our gallery to see cars already fitted with AlloyGator on run-flat tires.

In most cases, AlloyGators can be refitted if the new tires are compatible. If the AlloyGators themselves are not compromised, they can be carefully removed as seen in our training videos.
Note: If not removed correctly, the AlloyGator can be damaged, and will no longer fit properly to allow movement on the wheel.

Yes, AlloyGators can be installed on Machine polished wheels. However, extra care and continual cleaning of wheels is strongly recommended due to the road grit and grime that can accumulate between the AlloyGator and the rim surface. Provided there is no minute damage to the wheel surface, fitting the “Gator” will not cause damage on its own. However AlloyGator accepts no liability if the product, when fitted, causes such damage. That said, we have many customers with machine polished wheels who choose to use AlloyGator to protect their wheels.

When correctly fitted with the use of our fitment gauge, the design of the AlloyGator does not impact the bead, as it fits between the rim lip and tire. However, previously damaged alloy wheels may cause a leak once the AlloyGator is installed. This is due to the imperfect surface of areas repaired with epoxy-based repair solutions, or the grinding down of the damaged area prior to repair resulting in a thinner lip surface.

Leaks in this case are not caused by the AlloyGator, but the previously repaired area, as once the AlloyGator is installed, it magnifies the improperly repaired surface area on the rim. Note: We do recommend checking the AlloyGator and your tire pressures after 1 hour of driving to ensure correct fitment, as well as checking at regular intervals as recommended in your manufacturers operating manual.

No, no glue touches your wheel.

Yes, but with the removal and re-install cost, it may make more sense to have one on each set of seasonal wheels, assuming both sets are alloy.

Yes, AlloyGators can be ordered as singles here online, or purchased individually at your local installer.

A set will last about as long as your tires last, depending on your driving habits.

No, AlloyGator is designed for low speed contact and curb rash. It can also inhibit curb damage at normal driving speeds, such as cornering too closely. Note that although it is industry certified as the best product on the market for what it does, it can still unseat itself if it is subjected to very violent impact.

Yes, of course. If it’s a dealer showroom you may want them removed before sale. Note that over a long period of use, your wheel may change colour from the sun, but not change as much under the AlloyGator.  You may see a bit of difference in the metal under the AlloyGator.

The Original Profile was the first model of AlloyGator released. It gives a shiny apex-shaped profile around the rim of your wheel that is about 3/4” wide. It can fit wheels 13” – 21.” The Exclusive Profile is a newer evolution of the product, and has some changes; it gives a rounded, smooth, semi-matte finish around the rim of your wheel that is about 1” wide. The inside of the Exclusive Profile also features larger teeth for even better impact resistance. It can fit wheels 12” – 24.”