Exclusive Set


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Our latest product, the Exclusive Profile, gives a rounded, smooth, semi-matte finish around the rim of your wheel that is about 1” wide. The inside of the Exclusive Profile features numerous and larger stainless steel teeth (included with delivery), as well as sharp nylon edging teeth that allow the product to grab firm, and stay in place without using any glue on your wheels. It can fit wheels 12” – 24” and is adaptable to most consumer wheels in the marketplace, including run-flat tires.

Set of four. Includes 4 Exclusive AlloyGators, 6 finishing tabs, and a bag of stainless steel gripper teeth. Price does not include shipping, installation or taxes.

AlloyGator is not recommended as a DIY product and should be professionally installed. We have many trade partners across North America that have been trained on the proper installation that can help. For a map of those installers please click here to find your closest one. If there are none in your area, please contact us so we can connect with your service provider and advise on installation.

Should you require support with the product our trade partners have also been trained on troubleshooting and will be able to assist.

There is a 1 year warranty (from date of delivery) on the colour fading.