AlloyGator is made of an extremely durable, engineered nylon composite, designed to protect your alloy wheels from low speed curb impacts. Damage prevention cannot be guaranteed under all circumstances, but we provide a two-year warranty against colour fading or deformation not caused by an impact. If you experience an impact or notice any fitment issues, return to your AlloyGator certified installer for an inspection.

AlloyGator is a universal accessory, designed for use on wheels from any manufacturer. While the number of possible wheel/tire combinations around the world is almost infinite, AlloyGator is compatible with 80% of global varieties. That said, if an AlloyGator certified installer finds your wheel protection cannot be safely and securely fitted, you will receive a full refund on your purchase. If you have an exotic wheel and tire combination on your vehicle and want to be sure that AlloyGator can be properly fitted prior to purchase, simply contact us for a free fitment gauge to assess your wheel/tire combination and we will be happy to mail one to you at no charge.

Other key facts about AlloyGator:

  • It is the only TÜV approved and HORIBA-MIRA certified wheel protection system in the world.
  • It is designed for installation by a trained AlloyGator certified installer – self-installation is not recommended as special training and tools are required.
  • It is not recommended for use on racetracks due to the exceptional driving demands.


  • Based on the existing condition of your AlloyGator, wheel and tire, our product can be moved from one set of tires to another; for example, as you change your tires from winter to summer. Alternately and perhaps more easily, having a different set of AlloyGators on each set of your seasonal wheels is also beneficial as AlloyGators can be damaged when being moved and reinstalled.
  • If you have an impact with a curb, pothole, or speed bump and notice any fitment issues, you should immediately have it inspected by your AlloyGator certified installer, who will be able to advise if the AlloyGator should be cleaned up, refitted, or replaced.
  • If your tire light illuminates, return promptly to your dealer for an inspection.
  • Check your tire pressure regularly, as your vehicle manual indicates.


  • Wash your vehicle’s wheels regularly, following instructions in your owner’s manual; increase washing intervals in extreme weather and after driving in sand or salt.
  • Always avoid cleaning your wheels with harsh chemical solvents.
  • Tire shine should only be applied with a wipe-on applicator. Do not apply a shining agent with a spray.
  • Check your tire pressure regularly, as indicated in your vehicle owner’s manual.