AlloyGator is a wheel protection product engineered to prevent curb rash. Installed between your alloy wheel and tire, AlloyGator uses inner stainless steel teeth, so that when you scrape a curb, the AlloyGator remains in place and takes the punishment, instead of your valuable alloy wheel, saving you expensive and inconvenient wheel repairs.

While AlloyGator comes in 14 exciting colours and two styles (Original and Exclusive), is it not like stick-on wheel trims that are made just for looks. AlloyGator is the first and original wheel protector on the market, and still the only one that is certified by the automotive industry.

There are 2 Ways to Buy:

  • Purchase online in our Shop. If you choose to buy here online, we recommend you bring the product in to one of our Certified Trade Partners (installers) to be installed. If there are no certified installers in your area, contact us with the name of your preferred automotive service centre and we can set them up within a few days. Alternately, mechanically-savvy customers may be able to manage the installation themselves, assuming they own some basic garage tools. If you would like to know more about how to install Alloygator, check out our videos page.
  • Buy them from a Certified Trade Partner. Our Certified Trade Partners (installers) typically stock the product although colour selection or profile style may be limited. If you book ahead, installers can get your product of choice within a couple of days. Note that installers set their own prices. Customers should request a quote, which you can do through our Find an Installer page. Installation is usually charged by time; 60 -90 minutes of shop time is typical, in addition to the cost of the AlloyGators. Some installers quote the product price with the installation included. If you have a preference for Original or Exclusive Profile (see below) AlloyGators, be sure to ask the installer if they have your choice of profile, as well as the colour you would like.

Two Styles of AlloyGators

Two Styles of AlloyGators

Yes, our product comes in two styles – both available in 14 colours – so they can appear invisible, or give an exciting pop of colour to your wheel. The first product launched was the Original profile, and later the Exclusive was introduced to accommodate more wheel sizes, and improve product resilience against harder impacts.

Original: Fits wheels 13” – 21” with a shiny, apex-shaped profile. Features stainless steel inner “teeth”. (This is shown in gold in the image below).

Exclusive: Fits wheels 12” – 24.” with a semi-matte, round profile. Features larger, enhanced stainless steel inner “teeth”. (This is shown in red in the image below).